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 Gold Medal Safety Padding is seclusion room safety padding, specifically designed for hospitals, psychiatric facilities and prisons where violent behaviour may result in serious injury to the patient, staff or damage to the room.

Please feel free to request a UK and Ireland 14 page, comprehensively coloured A4 Brochure or if you wish to actually inspect the Gold Medal Safety Padding product more closely why not request genuine Gold Medal Safety Padding Samples.

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Gold Medal seclusion room safety padding when completed, is uniform & smooth, with no cracks or open seams, unlike other products. The product is specifically designed for:

1. Healthcare Facilities
2. Hospitals

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1. Longevity; the first Gold Medal Safety Padding room was installed in New York, 1973 and is still in active use today.

2. It is not an adapted product. Gold Medal is specifically designed safety padding, for seclusion rooms.

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“These new facilities are humane, hygienic and meet with international best practice”


Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Michael McDowell. (Cloverhill Prison, December 2005)