The Product

The Gold Medal Safety Padding Product.

Gold Medal Safety Padding is seclusion room padding that surpasses relevant standards & specifications and is specially designed for use in hospitals, psychiatric rooms and prisons where violent behaviour may result in injury to the patient, staff or damage to the room. Gold Medal Safety Padding, founded in the USA, is a brand name trusted throughout the commercial world for 40 years.

Gold Medal, once installed, provides a bright, calming and pleasant environment for the user and allows the staff of the site to safely monitor the condition of the individual in the facility.

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The GMSP Product.

Gold Medal Safety Padding when completed, is uniform and smooth, with no cracks or open seams, unlike competing products. It is also highly resilient, as it withstands attempts to rip, gouge or otherwise damage.

The Gold Medal Safety Padding product is poured onto a strand board and once cured, is sectioned into 2.4 x 1.2 metre sheets.

Wall & Floor Panels.

The wall panels incorporate two sections with the bottom layer allowing compression and the top layer protecting against serious damage. The floor panels have a slightly denser composition, to accommodate wear from foot-fall traffic.


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Fire Safety.

Gold Medal is completely self-extinguishing and fire resistant (‘0’ spread of flame, Smoke Developed Index of 7). The product has undergone extensive fire testing at the Warrington Fire Research Centre (UK), please contact us
directly for the full report.

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