• Hospital Safety Padding

Gold Medal Safety Padding is seclusion room safety padding, specifically designed for situations where agressive and violent behaviour may result in injury to the patient, nurses or material damage.

The Gold Medal product has been installed in countless hospitals & psychiatric facilities and assisted nurses to safely preform their duties throughout the world. To see our seclusion room safety padding projects in Psychiatric Care Units or a Hospital holding/seclusion rooms in the UK and Ireland click hospital seclusion rooms.

The main Nursing benefits are:

  1. International brand name trusted throughout the commercial world for 40 years.
  2. When completed, our seclusion room padding is uniform & smooth, with no cracks or open seams, unlike competing products.
  3. Virtually indestructible, no ligature points and withstands attempts to rip, gouge, or otherwise damage. Gold Medal seclusion rooms installed in 1973 are still in active use today. With the correct care our rooms will last indefinitely.
  4. Easily cleaned: detergents will not harm the surface & non-slip surface is completely fungus resistant.
  5. Gold Medal Safety Padding is a specified product (USA, Ireland, Australia & Canada) & preferred choice in new builds.
  6. Completely self extinguishing, as demonstrated by extensive fire testing & certificates.
  7. Can be installed in any existing seclusion room or cell and can fit any style of room.

Hospital Management.

Our seclusion room or time-out room padding product is not intended to replace established hospital management practices, but to supplement them in order to provide a safe environment for the patients and nurses.


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