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Hospital Seclusion Room Safety Padding – Gibraltar

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Hospital Seclusion Room Safety Padding-Gibraltar

Hospital First contact.

We were contacted in April 2013 by hospital staff regarding their holding / seclusion rooms which they required to be padded for their staff and patients protection. Unusually, this safety padding project was well under way before we were contacted. Normally we would be contacted by estate managers for information & advice at the design stage and we would return for the final stages for the actually installation which on average is 18 months. For this project we were installing Gold Medal Safety Padding eight months from first contact.Seclusion Room Safety Padding

Seclusion Room Padding Durability.

The government placed the order, before and after that point we dealt continuously with architects and quantity surveyors to ensure both rooms would have the highest quality seclusion room padding available. Gold Medal seclusion rooms are highly resilient and long lasting, seclusion rooms padded exactly 40 years ago are still in active use today.

Safety Padding Installation. 

This seclusion room project required 2 supervisors and 2-3 labourers over eight days. We worked on two rooms; a holding room & seclusion room, we were required to pad the walls to 2.7m, including and window reveals, door frames etc.

Timeline & Tasks. Click tabs for daily tasks & details
  1. All vertical panels were mechanically fastened to walls.
  2. The number of fasteners per panel was determined by the supervisors and is based on type of substrate.
  1. When the seclusion room was fully cured, it was sanded to meet adjacent edges.
  2. Gold Medal Compound application; all fastener holes were filled with Gold Medal Compound and sanded again.
  3. Upon completion of sanding of all surfaces (walls, doors, ceiling and floor), all surfaces received a Gold Medal topcoat.

Seclusion Room Care, Maintenance & Fire Certification.

The product is easily cleaned, detergents will not harm the surface & the non-slip surface is completely fungus resistant. As part of its seven key benefits, gold medal safety padding is completely fire resistant and self extinguishing.

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