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Psychiatric Care Unit Seclusion Room Padding

Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICU) Seclusion Room Padding.

We have recently completed a Gold Medal Safety Padding seclusion room for a hospital’s Psychiatric Intensive Care Ward / Unit (PICU) in the south of Ireland. PICU are designed to care for patients who pose a risk to themselves, others or their environment. GMSP affords the highest level protection for these special needs patients & the staff and has done so for over 40 years.

This Gold Medal Safety Padding Installation.

For this particular seclusion room installation, the walls, floor, door and even the bed were taken into account.  We proposed that the bed be clad in GMSP and become an integral part of the room as opposed to the use of a standard seclusion room mattress.  The installation required eight days on site, please see photos below.

Gold Medal Safety Padded Bed benefits:

  1. Negates tears & rips in the bed mattress.
  2. Eliminates the possibility of ingestion of materials
  3. No potential misuse as a ‘barricade’
  4. Hygienic & easy to clean

Psychiatric Intensive Care Ward requirements.

This hospitals Psychiatric Intensive Care Ward required a seclusion room which gave:

  1. Maximum safety
  2. Long lasting durability
  3. A calming environment
  4. Hygienic material properties

Gold Medal Safety Padding ensures the highest standards on all the above points and more. Click to learn more about Gold Medal Safety Padding benefits.

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