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Gold Medal Safety Padding A5 Brochure

Gold Medal Safety Padding A5 Brochure

We have designed and printed the new A5 Gold Medal brochure which will be posted out shortly to leading UK medical & psychiatric facilities. The brochure gives a brief introduction outlining why Gold Medal Safety Padding has been consistently trusted in the seclusion room industry for over 40 years.

Gold Medal Safety Padding is specifically designed for seclusion rooms in hospitals, psychiatric facilities, custody suites and prisons where violent behaviour may result in injury to the patient, staff or damage to the room.

 Seclusion Room Features & Benefits.

1. Highly resilient, no ligature points and withstands attempts to rip, gouge, or otherwise damage. Gold Medal seclusion rooms installed in 1973 are still in active use today.
2. International brand name trusted throughout the commercial world for over 40 years.
3. Gold Medal Safety Padding is a specified product (USA, Ireland, Australia & Canada) & the preferred choice in new builds.
4. When completed, the padding is uniform & smooth, with no cracks or open seams, unlike other products.

Click to Download the current UK & Irl brochure.

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