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Psychiatric Care Unit Seclusion Room Padding

Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICU) Seclusion Room Padding.

We have recently completed a Gold Medal Safety Padding seclusion room for a hospital’s Psychiatric Intensive Care Ward / Unit (PICU) in the south of Ireland. PICU are designed to care for patients who pose a risk to themselves, others or their environment. GMSP affords the highest…

Seclusion Room Padding for High Risk Patients

Gold Medal Safety Padding

Seclusion Room Padding for High Risk Patients
Within the last week we have finished installing another Gold Medal Safety Padding seclusion room in a hospital in Dublin, Ireland. The brief for this project was to provide the facility with a room to safely house patients classed as ‘high risk of self harm’ and violent towards others, along wit…

Irish Prison Seclusion Room Safety Padding – Irish Independent, News Article

Irish Independent News Article.
An expanded series of modern safety cells has been built in major jails to hold mentally-ill and troublesome prisoners. The construction programme, which will be completed before March next, will cost over €4m. It will result in 33 safety and close observation cells being installed in ten jails. Already, 20 of…

Gold Medal Seclusion Room Safety Padding in the UK.

UK Focus.
Several Gold Medal UK installations are now complete.
We have recently completed several seclusion room safety padding installations in the UK and are looking forward to a long term relationship with these clients. The success we have enjoyed with the Gold Medal product regarding observation & seclusion rooms has given us a great…

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Gold Medal Safety Padding is specifically designed for seclusion rooms in hospitals, psychiatric facilities and prisons where violent behaviour may result in injury to the patient, inmate or damage to the room.

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